Friday, 5 August 2016

What a Bloody Disaster!

Not a single bike ride since the 10th July! That's nearly a month out of the saddle. Why? It is because I initially pulled a muscle in my lower back. An historic annoyance that usually clears itself within a 7-10 day window.

On Sunday 24th July I was feeling quite good and even contemplated going out on the bike for a short 15-20 miles. Then I went and did something stupid when I saw something falling to the floor - I instinctively lunged to prevent it from happening. And no, despite being the tight Yorkshireman that I am, it wasn't a 20 pence piece!

Needless to say the offending muscle felt like it had snapped like an elastic band and from there on in a host of complications set in. Initially I just had difficulty in walking, then 24 hours later there was a random spasming down my left leg to point of such pain that I couldn't stand. This wasn't good and after 2 days of trying to ignore it I had to throw the towel in and go to the doctors. The prognosis; either mild sciatica, a trapped nerve (behind the inflamed muscle) or a slipped disc. Either of this were not good news and could take weeks to rectify themselves. A course of codeine, ibuprofen and heat balm has been recommended. I was also referred to a physiotherapist who gave me some stretching exercises to conduct.

Two weeks later and I think I am ready to try a quick run out on the bike. I have a feeling that I may not feel any discomfort and because of the riding position I may find it beneficial. Or I could just be talking bollocks and I could set myself back. I've decided that tomorrow, if I feel goop enough by the afternoon then I will try out my theory. Nothing too arduous - a 4-5 mile route around the town and if I feel up to it then I will complete a couple more circuits.

What's the worse that could happen?

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