Monday, 13 June 2016

Never a Bike Around When You Really Want One

So here I am, sunning myself up in Crete, without a care in the world. Alright, I have one! I want to ride my bike.

Seeing as the training miles are now coming on thick and fast I did think about hiring one so I could keep up the momentum. On the second day here I went to the local village to enquire if bikes were indeed hire-able. I found one Hire Car shop that did do a sideline in mountain bikes. Quite cheap too 1 Euro per hour of 10 Euros for the day. I looked one of the over and decided to decline the offer. A right rickshaw death-trap if ever I saw one. Worn brake blocks, rust all over and they appeared to have never seen a drop of oil and grease since they first rolled off of the shipping container. I felt so sorry for them that I wanted to adopt them all and take them home with me!

So I did what every other idiot does when they are on holiday; I resorted to running. 5 runs in 10 days - totalling about 30 miles! I haven't run properly, like this, for nearly 20 years. Found myself a nice little 6 mile route - quite hilly and very hot, even at 6am! I had to somehow stave off that weight gain from the all inclusive! This proved to me that cycling was more fun.