Sunday, 16 August 2015

"I Will Bike 500 Miles....

...and I will bike five hundred more..."

Today was a milestone of personal achievement. As some of you may know I have only been back in the saddle for 5 weeks as I am training myself to tackle the Wakefield Hospice 2015 Dark Peak Sportive Challenge. Here is some background as to why I have taken up cycling.

I am raising money for the Wakefield Hospice as I hope to complete the 50 mile course in under 3 hours and 30 minutes. I have been pushing myself harder with each passing week since I bought the bike. My training consists of either beating previous route times or going a further distance. There are 6 weeks to go before the big event and I do feel in good shape and the sponsorship is also going well. I hope to have had my first training ride around the actual route in about 2 weeks time!

If you would like to sponsor me and help this good cause, then please take a look at my Just Giving page.

So what is this personal milestone that I am so thrilled about? Well I've only gone and averaged 500 miles of riding in 5 weeks! This week's goal was to do 120 miles (I actually did 130 miles). I knew I was nearing the 500 mark - but I didn't realise that I would achieve it today!

So in an almost true Proclaimer's sense of the word, I may not necessarily be walking, but here is to the next 500 miles - you never know I may get those done in less than another 5 weeks?

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