Thursday, 20 August 2015

Enforced Rest Days Make For a Restless Cyclist

This weekend, after amassing just over 70 miles in 2 days of training rides, I found myself not only having to return to work this week but also having 3 days "rest" from cycling.

The rest days were through choice. Alright Monday could well have been, but Tuesday and Wednesday certainly were not! The weather played it's part to perfection; sunny or dry whilst at work followed by rain as soon as I pulled up on the drive. Perfect - not!

On the plus side I stripped The Trusty Stead down and gave her chain and gears a good cleaning. On the minus side I was climbing the walls yesterday because I hadn't been out on her for 3 full days. That was the longest period of inactivity since her first full week with the family.

I managed to get out tonight. I didn't care if the sky opened tonight. I was going out, come what may. I had a window of one hour cycle time and I used it to perfection. I went on my usual 15 Miler with the objective of getting a new personal best. We got down and dirty to it with me riding like a bat out of hell and I smashed my PB by a further 2 minutes. The only downside is that I some issues with the higher gears in that the chain was finding it very difficult to latch on to the smaller sprockets. Will need to tinker with the indexing before the next ride.

I'm not sure if I'll achieve a 100 miles ride distance this week but I will certainly give it a try. Who said that rest days are good for you?

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