Saturday, 11 July 2015

My Apollo 10: A Test Spin Fail...

Last night my new acquisition was safely put away in the garage and my new clothes brought in to the house. I tried the Lycra on for laughs size. Fits snugly doesn't it? Padded bums - well that's certainly a new one on me!

Anyway I had a little time between errands so I thought I would just ride up an down along the road just to acclimatise myself with the bike. This was suppose to be like the Apollo 10 mission; a dress rehearsal (without wearing the Lycra!) for the maiden voyage. Brakes are how I remembered them to be from back in youth days (and they work much in the same way). I also recalled how to the change gears (as shown by the man in the shop). Back in my day the gear changers were attached to the frame, not hidden behind the brake lever! Changing them down was a doddle. But it became apparent I didn't pay as much attention as I should have back at the shop. Or I wasn't shown how to change the gears back up. Yeah, that's it, I wasn't shown! ;)

So here I am, on a shiny new bike, riding up and down the street with the worse combination of gears. Could I get the things to change? Buggered if I knew how to. My journey to the moon and back stalled for the want of variable speed!

The bike was back in garage and it was Youtube time. I couldn't really go back to the shop and ask could I? I found this video, which saved me masses of egg on face! Never thought to move the whole brake lever to change up gears - ingenious! Now I come to think of it I was shown this in the shop after all - doh!

Edit: Post has been backdated to recall the events as they happened - originally written 12/8/2015

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