Thursday, 9 July 2015

Finally...Words Into Action

For a long time I have contemplated getting a bike. OK, getting my "+1" as I already have a Mountain Bike (that is over 15 years old).

Originally my only reason for contemplating such a move was purely for financial gain. I had always said that if I was to work at the same location for 5 days a week (that had shower facilities) then I would ride there. Well now I am and only living 11 miles away, what is so difficult about that? Not only would I save money (by not using the car) I'd get fit in the process. Oh and I'd be helping the environment. Can't forget the green cause now can we!

But the problem with this was that there was always tomorrow. There is always a tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, but it always there. And the elephant in the room was that I would have spend some money to save some. 

It wasn't going to happen. I'm a Yorkshireman who has small arms with deep pockets!

Then something did happen; my father-in-law, Steve, died. It wasn't sudden and we all knew it was coming. He lost his battle with cancer. He fought on for 9 months after being told of it's return. But when that time came it was still a shock. A body-blow for those left to remember him. It didn't help that he was 12 days away from his 58th birthday.

Steve spent the last nine days of his life in the care of Wakefield Hospice. When I received the call from my wife I immediately rushed there to be with the family. She had our 4 year old child with her at the time and when I arrived I took over the looking after him.

Whilst at the Hospice, with the shock of it all starting to hit, I was perusing the noticeboards. The wife and I had already discussed how we could help raise funds for the Wakefield Hospice, particularly after she found out that their Charity Shops are loosing out to the likes of eBay and Gumtree. And there it was; a poster only advertising the Wakefield Hospice Sportive - Dark Peak Cycling Challenge. The small print described a choice of 2 routes, either 50 miles or 75 miles - both of which take in the view at the top of Holme Moss. You know, one of the hills used for the Tour de France when it came to Yorkshire. Yes, that very same Holme Moss! Gulp!

If ever there was an incentive, here it was staring me in the face. 

With over 10 weeks to go I could do it. I can get a bike, get fit and do the 50 miles. If not for me, then for Steve!

So it's time I put these words in to action... And tomorrow will come!

Edit: Post has been backdated to recall the events as they happened - originally written 4/8/2015 

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